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F E E L   B E T T E R   I N   Y O U R​   B O D Y !​ 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the difference between massage and bodywork?

When I use the word "massage", I refer to treatment in which the whole body is taken into consideration and treated, creating a holistic experience for the client. "Bodywork" refers to treatment in which I address specific injuries or issues in the body. My sessions include elements of both. Depending on your situation and needs, some areas of your body may get less attention in order to focus on the main issues.

How often should I come in for treatment?

For general maintenance, monthly visits are optimal. That way, any physical issues can be addressed before they become embedded in the body. I do work with a number of clients who come in more frequently - people who use their bodies in their work, who engage in regular workout activities or who want to give more regular attention to optimize their health.

I work out regularly - would bodywork be useful?

I work with cyclists, swimmers, martial artists and many folks who work out regularly. Bodywork and massage helps their bodies recover and repair more effectively.

 When you exert a lot of physical energy, it's important to take care of things at the other end.

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