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F E E L   B E T T E R   I N   Y O U R​   B O D Y !​ 

Resources for Self-Care

The resources listed below can be an excellent compliment to your healing process. The more you know about your body, the more you can be an agent toward your own health.

1)Jim Johnson, PT, Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff - an excellent book to help you understand the shoulder joint, the very common rotator cuff injury. It offers strength/mobility exercises and programs to help rehabilitate from an injury.

2)Pete Egoscue, Pain Free - Don't be turned off by the title! This book looks at areas of chronic pain throughout the body, offers an holistic physical analysis of those areas and provides simple exercises to help move out of pain. I've used this book for shoulder pain and have found it very helpful.

3)Chris Jarmey, The Concise Book of Muscles - An excellent and simple anatomy book that covers the major muscle groups throughout the body. It will help you visualize the area(s) of the body that I work on while working with you and, therefore, help you better participate in the healing process.

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