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F E E L   B E T T E R   I N   Y O U R​   B O D Y !​ 

Client Feedback​

"Without Peter I know I would be disabled from the 60 hours a week I spend working on a computer. A regular treatment from Peter is more than pampering. It is how I keep going." Catherine

"I have been an active sports person all my life; tennis, golf, running,

yoga. I have slight scoliosis such that my right leg is about 2 inches

longer than my left leg. This body alignment imbalance caused moderate to

bothersome spasms along my left leg/hip/lower back. I look forward to my

session with Peter; his general overall excellent body work and the very

targeted and thus effective work specific to my 'left' issue leaves me with

a complete and balanced body at the end of every session. I had thought

that 'Heaven' is likely starting everyday with a session with Peter." Linda

"As a Massage Practitioner myself, I have always been very selective of whom I will allow to work on my body, and Peter is the only one I trust enough to be able to relax completely during a massage session. I have been to many Massage Therapists in the past, and while I received good treatments, most of these sessions never really “wowed” me until Peter. I swim and exercise frequently and my job as a Massage Practitioner is very physical in nature. Peter is the only one who really takes the time in every session to check with me and see what issues we need to target in each session. If there are no issues with my body, he provides me the space I need to let go and enjoy a truly relaxing experience. Peter’s demeanor is one of utmost professionalism and he is personable and caring with his clients. Going through my daily life without Peter’s hands to help me keep my body finely tuned would be very difficult to say the least." Sergio

"Peter Rothblatt is a truly gifted massage therapist. He has helped me with numerous health challlenges over the many years I have seen him,

and supported efforts to improve my fitness and flexibility in the face of a disk problem, sciatica, and other issues. For me his care is somewhere between

regular massage therapy and something closer to physical therapy. I am extremely grateful to Peter for all of his support of my health. Plus, he is simply a great guy" Nancy

"I have been a client with Peter for over four years. I have a life-long

experience with massage and consider massage with Peter to be an essential

part of my physical and emotional recovery from my active life style. I

spend many hours a day writing and drawing, balanced with regular martial

arts practice. From sitting long hours to jumping around requires regular

maintenance. I have also had several joint surgeries in the last few years,

and Peter's thoughtful and informed bodywork has been essential to my

healing process in each case." Rennie

"Peter tailors each session to my current needs, listening perceptively to my words and my muscles. I always feel deeply relaxed and healthier after our sessions. He also really knows his physiology! He hones right in on areas of tension or injury to give relief. He helped to diagnose and relieve pain in my plantar fasciitis, and I see him regularly as part of my own self-care after working with patients in acute psychological distress." Jennifer

"I came to Peter for help with severe pelvic muscle spasms related to stress following a diagnosis of cancer. Peter's compassion, experience, extensive knowledge of anatomy, and ability to both accurately isolate affected muscle fibers and understand how problems in one area may be inter-related to issues in other parts of the body set him way apart from the pack. He is able to work firmly without ever going too far, and he has an uncanny ability to zero in on even small problematic muscle fibers within a larger muscle group and coax them into "letting go." I cannot recommend Peter highly enough. If you have found your way to his practice, you could not be in better hands!" Tom

"I think I have been to 20 or 30 massage therapists in my lifetime and Peter is the best massage therapist ever. I am a wedding photographer and I started seeing Peter 6 years ago for work related problems with my left shoulder. Peter not only fixed my shoulder, he has helped me completely avoid and prevent any new injuries despite my heavy work strain. He has a great understanding of anatomy and will customize every massage to each client's particular needs." Anna

"In the past year Peter has helped me navigate the changing demands of my aging body. It started with a ski injury which he healed in 2 sittings and moved on to a recurring neck problem that would be permanent were it not for Peter's magic touch." Viola

"I have been a client of Peter's since he opened his massage practice.

He has helped me with many small sports injuries--I am a runner and

Ashtanga yoga practitioner. Recently, his conscientious attention has

 guided me through five months of chemotherapy treatments.

 Peter is very perceptive about what type of bodywork I need on a given day." Anonymous

"Peter fixes the problems in my body and generally just makes my body feel better. I am a mom and oftentimes I get stiff necks, shoulders, back, etc due to nursing and lifting my kids. Peter finds the tight, uncomfortable spots in my neck, shoulders and back and works the tightness until the muscles loosen up and feel much better. When I leave, I can go back and lift my kids or nurse my daughter and I feel much better doing so.I don't have a lot of time in my life to take care of me. Getting a massage from Peter is a luxury I cannot give up. I really think if I didn't visit Peter every 4-6 weeks, I would not be able to lift my kids or comfortably nurse my daughter. And I definitely wouldn't feel as good working out as I do without my monthly massage from Peter." Cori

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